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    YURPA is a company specializing in providing robotic process automation solutions across various sectors. We are part of the ulam.ai group. This allows us to combine the latest achievements in Artificial Intelligence along with a deep knowledge of industry problems. We use the latest tools available on the market and smoothly implement them through an agile approach.


    Our dedication is to providing our clients with the best solutions that facilitate their daily operations and increase the automation of repeatable, mundane and time-consuming processes.

  • Solutions

    Learn more about the three types of solutions we offer our customers

    YURPA Robot

    Modern corporations are ridden with the same mundane and repeatable tasks. Those usually consume a lot of human time while they could easily be automated and simplified.


    YURPA Robot is our straight out-of-the-box solution which answers those problems. We offer it to clients in a Robot-as-a-Service format, for a fixed price depending on the number of robots that we deploy. Integration usually takes between 5 to 7 weeks.


    Our focus is on automating repeatable, rule-based logic processes and on providing cutting-edge solutions that mimic user transactions across multiple systems. We help companies integrate information and data multiple applications such as e-mail, MS Office programs, databases, internal company software and other third-party solutions they might be using such as SAP.


    On average our solution is able to automate 30-40% of manual processes.

    YURPA Products

    Not all automation is however identical and some industries might require more custom-made tools. In partnership with different industry partners we have developed dedicated solutions which are tailored for a given industry and can be scaled therein.

    YURPA Custom

    Sometimes, some problems are specific to a particular company. This is why we remain flexible and are able to work on solutions tailor-made for our customers' needs.


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